Sunday, 24 May 2015


As President Goodluck Jonathan enjoys his last seven days in office, things even get worse in the country he governs. The fuel scarcity issue displays more problem for us as a country as the fuel price reaches 250-1000 naira per litre. This is not what Jonathan administration should be leaving as a farewell message for Nigerians. This became really pathetic when yellow danfo buses from Lagos made their way to Ogun State, owode yewa to be precise to purchase petrol and transport them back to Lagos to sell in black market. This should not be the happenings in the last days of a good man like President Goodluck Jonathan. Nigerians will not sing 'for he is a jolly good fellow' for him when he leaves office ooo. To be honest, coming back from owode yewa down to iyana paja today, the road was very free. Infact, in 30 minutes, we had gotten to iyanapaja from Canaanland, ota but one thing i kept seeing along the road was black market mafias in their lovely or should i say demeaning yellow, white or black 5, 10 or 25 litre kegs. Some of them even held pepsi pet bottles which are used to pour the fuel into the fuel tanks of patronizers. Na wa ooo. I was seeing kegs everywhere, infact every keg i saw were kegs for fuel. Let me say that the number of kegs in Nigeria right now has exceeded our population as a country. Just seven days to the end of the outgoing tenure and situations have gone worse like this. The worst thing about the situation is that i even saw okada riders pack like three 30 litre kegs on their bikes travelling very long distances from Ogun State to Lagos. What a risk and i dont blame them anyway. Nigerians have to survive even when the government are not performing. What surprises me also is the fact that some of those black market mafias mix their fuel with water and sell them. Funny enough some Nigerians will be fooled. May God help us. My take on this is that the new government find something to do about this situation because nigerians needs to survive and will do anything to get going. Please let the government help Nigerians to go about their hussling in better conditions because no matter what, we must hussle. I mean, carrying fuel on bike from Ogun State to Lagos is terrible. Jonathan thank you for your administration and thank you for handing over on the 29th. Friday abeg come sharp sharp. Nigerians dey wait
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