Monday, 1 February 2016

THE PINK LIPS SYNDROME (what a desire I can't believe exist)

'The pinks lips syndrome as I termed it" was coined from my experience on the streets of Lagos about the desire to have one's lips to be pink in colour. 

I find this syndrome so amusing really because of the term I coined it. Let me let you guys know that a syndrome is a complex of concurrent things. This explains why I have called the Pink lips Acquisition (lol) a syndrome because of its dominance of  its occurrence in the suburbs of Lagos.

This is the thing, I want my lips to be pink because it makes me look fine or what ( my own thoughts of why people want it), so I get to the market and ask for a pink lips cream and I rub on my lips (I guess) and boom my pinks are lip, (ahhh sorry my lips are pink). And how does that make me feel, like JESUS or what.
There are so many things that are totally absurd, how will somebody be thinking of pink lips when there are lots of challenges ahead of you or tell me, can a  cancer patient dying on a sick bed ever in a million times think of having pink lips (sorry I had to use that) but that is just the plain truth. Nigerians waste their time by taking cognisance of what makes zero sense.
Let me back down a little bit. Here was i coming back from work and taking a stroll around Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria and suddenly started hearing from nowhere 'Bros get your pink lips here' I initially thought it was the name of the product until my sense came under terrible shock. I couldn't believe they were standing there asking for people who wanted Pink lips through the display of a small finger size plastic container which I believe contains the Pink lips cream.