Saturday, 2 May 2015


This is what caught all nigerians at the tooth ever since monday this week. The problem of fuel scarcity is surprising to still be a problem today. My question is assuming the present government won the election, is this how we will still be fighting for fuel. We have the problem of power and nigerians alternative solution is fuel for their generators, not to talk of people who depend solely on fuel to keep their business running and also those who depend on fuel to drive themselves to their various place of employment. I myself was deeply affected by the scarcity as i had to be in holdup's at various time this morning to get to my destination. As you know nigerians, they are good at taking advantage of emerging or consistent issues or circumstances to their own benefits. The black market tycoons got to work immediately with various white and black 10 litre kegs inorder to sell to people who are not ready to stay in long queues at 200 and 300 per litre. Its so crazy. Trust danfo drivers now they immediately hiked their bus fare and passengers had to suffer from it. This problems are not new and will never be. What the media said about the issue is that the government was owing oil marketers 156 billion naira and they promised to pay but till now the problem is still staring at our face. If you know how many long queues i saw today from egbeda to ojuelegba. This is getting out of hand and we desperately need light that will break away this country from obscurity. As for me, i think that all this has been planned, thats why it is called a saga. I read a book sometime ago which is called Economic Disorder. The author highlighted how he had to get out of a system which he claimed was polluted. The book highlighted a system of government where the economy of the nation is determined by some few individuals in the high class of government. So all these forces of demand and supply that economist talks about is a fallacy. The author said he had to get out of the system because it was almost polluting me. I personally believe thats what is happening in Nigeria today. Some people in the higher ups of government are regulating this countries economy at their benefits. I dont know how but they are. May God help us in this country
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