Monday, 27 July 2015


Good evening to all my readers. In this world of stigmatisation and less recognition for the African race, there is a need for a point to be made clear that we are not just Africans but we hold a significant part in this world. This video is therefore dedicated to all African folks home and abroad. It is also dedicated to those who have African origins, be it distant or not. God bless Africans and all other races

Friday, 29 May 2015


The FIFA Women's World Cup begins on the 6th of June, 2015 and ends on the 5th of July, 2015. The host country this time is Canada and Nigeria has already gone to play them in a Friendly match before the competition begins. Nigeria and Cameroon qualified for the competition as the top two finishers at the CAF African Women Championship and Côte d'Ivoire which gave them the opportunity of being the only African nations to enter the competition this year.


The present holder of the  Fifa women's world cup is Japan and they are also in the competition this time. Here are some facts of the Fifa women's world cup:
> In 2011, hosts Germany had the highest ever number of stadiums to host the FIFA Women's World Cup with nine  venues hosting the 16 teams.
> Eleven own goals have been scored at the FIFA Women's World Cup during the first six editions of the tournament.
> At the FIFA Women's World Cup USA 1999, refereeing history was made as for the first time the pool of referees was entirely made up of women.
> The 500th goal at the FIFA Women's World Cup was scored by Ragnhild Gulbrandsen during Norway's 7-3 victory against Ghana in a match on 20 September, 2007 in Hangzhou, China PR.
> Over 3.5million spspectators have attended FIFA Women's World Cup matches at an average of almost 25,000 fans per game. Read ahead...


The handing over process of GEJ administration to the incoming government concludes today but the process had started some weeks ago as Buhari and his team have been working on main issues to tackle as soon as they get to power. This is a great era in the history of this nation and I know this event will leave an inscription in the sands of time saying 'We did it'. See pictures below that will feed your eyes

As jonathan is handing over, his thoughts will be like 'Idiot collect this thing from me jare and let me return to bayelsa' and Buhari's thoughts will respond ' At last, since 2003, gimme that shit , kai mana'.
Watchout for the inauguration ceremony pictures later today and also pray PHCN  gives light for us to watch it. See ya

Wednesday, 27 May 2015


The smiles of children is enough to make one want to cry.  Children are the beauty of the universe.  They hold the key to a world of ease.  They don't take life difficult  like we adult. They are harmless and sometimes naughty. I celebrate all the children in the world.  Green house says this to them.....

 Let the smiles do the talking and sorry it is coming late.

Sunday, 24 May 2015


As President Goodluck Jonathan enjoys his last seven days in office, things even get worse in the country he governs. The fuel scarcity issue displays more problem for us as a country as the fuel price reaches 250-1000 naira per litre. This is not what Jonathan administration should be leaving as a farewell message for Nigerians. This became really pathetic when yellow danfo buses from Lagos made their way to Ogun State, owode yewa to be precise to purchase petrol and transport them back to Lagos to sell in black market. This should not be the happenings in the last days of a good man like President Goodluck Jonathan. Nigerians will not sing 'for he is a jolly good fellow' for him when he leaves office ooo. To be honest, coming back from owode yewa down to iyana paja today, the road was very free. Infact, in 30 minutes, we had gotten to iyanapaja from Canaanland, ota but one thing i kept seeing along the road was black market mafias in their lovely or should i say demeaning yellow, white or black 5, 10 or 25 litre kegs. Some of them even held pepsi pet bottles which are used to pour the fuel into the fuel tanks of patronizers. Na wa ooo. I was seeing kegs everywhere, infact every keg i saw were kegs for fuel. Let me say that the number of kegs in Nigeria right now has exceeded our population as a country. Just seven days to the end of the outgoing tenure and situations have gone worse like this. The worst thing about the situation is that i even saw okada riders pack like three 30 litre kegs on their bikes travelling very long distances from Ogun State to Lagos. What a risk and i dont blame them anyway. Nigerians have to survive even when the government are not performing. What surprises me also is the fact that some of those black market mafias mix their fuel with water and sell them. Funny enough some Nigerians will be fooled. May God help us. My take on this is that the new government find something to do about this situation because nigerians needs to survive and will do anything to get going. Please let the government help Nigerians to go about their hussling in better conditions because no matter what, we must hussle. I mean, carrying fuel on bike from Ogun State to Lagos is terrible. Jonathan thank you for your administration and thank you for handing over on the 29th. Friday abeg come sharp sharp. Nigerians dey wait

Thursday, 21 May 2015


I was just watching the news this evening on TVC and there was the Vice President Elect, Prof Osinbajo and all APC members discussing about the state of the Nigeria economy. Well i was so interested on what they were saying especially for my interest in nation building. There was the UK minister representing Prime minister Tony Blair. The UK minister made reference to so many issues until when he gave an advice to the incoming administration. He said that the incoming administration should tackle corruption firstly in the oil sector. It was a welcome idea but we need good hands to deliver this policies. About one week to the inauguration of the new administration, they have also complained about the huge public debt the nation is owing. Well all my thoughts when they were saying all these was 'when you people were asking us to vote for you, didnt you know that you are going to be facing an herculean task'. But to be candid they have enormous work to do which they have started doing since when they won the election. Well the most important part of this post is the enlightment i would like to share with readers. A journalist in person of Otitoju or so, i cannot really remember his name now, was asked to comment on those issue raised by the Vice President elect, what he said was that, the incoming administration have a great task ahead and they should stop complaining to Nigerians about this issue. He said that, afterall, nigerians knew about this issue before hand and that was why they voted for APC. Then he threw a point that hit me and this is interesting believe me. Nigeria crumbling economy needs enough resources to build it up. When i mean resources i mean needs huge finance to help in restoring and enhancing the economy. Currently, the federal government since november 2014 have borrowed about 416 billion naira to pay salaries of civil servant. If we are still borrowing, then where is the finance to build the economy. Also, recurrent expenditure of Nigeria covers 64% of the budget. Then where are we going if situations have turned out to be like this. The veteran journalist said the APC government should follow the footsteps of the malaysia's economy when they compelled all past leaders of the nation to give back all the money they have stolen or they would be forced to go to jail. He said his government should start way back from Babangida's regime and then to Abdulsalam's government, Obasanjo's regime till GEJ's administration. He also made it clearer that Abdusalam's administration stole a lot of money and he only spent 10 months in office. Well that was his opinion but believe me, imagine all past leaders of this nation are probed and if found guilty of embezzlement, they should be asked to pay back the money or go to jail. That would be great oo and when i mean past leaders, we are not talking only about the President oo, i mean all the cabinets of the Federal, State and Local government. Mr otitoju said that he cannot quantify how much will roll in if that was done. Infact that will provide enough and even excess money for the incoming government to spend on the structural development of the economy. Well i dont know if that kind of policy will work in Nigeria, but believe me if that happens, the government will be able to pay all its debt without even knowing they spent any money. Ha, but many people have stolen huge amounts from public funds, only God will save us.

Saturday, 2 May 2015


This is what caught all nigerians at the tooth ever since monday this week. The problem of fuel scarcity is surprising to still be a problem today. My question is assuming the present government won the election, is this how we will still be fighting for fuel. We have the problem of power and nigerians alternative solution is fuel for their generators, not to talk of people who depend solely on fuel to keep their business running and also those who depend on fuel to drive themselves to their various place of employment. I myself was deeply affected by the scarcity as i had to be in holdup's at various time this morning to get to my destination. As you know nigerians, they are good at taking advantage of emerging or consistent issues or circumstances to their own benefits. The black market tycoons got to work immediately with various white and black 10 litre kegs inorder to sell to people who are not ready to stay in long queues at 200 and 300 per litre. Its so crazy. Trust danfo drivers now they immediately hiked their bus fare and passengers had to suffer from it. This problems are not new and will never be. What the media said about the issue is that the government was owing oil marketers 156 billion naira and they promised to pay but till now the problem is still staring at our face. If you know how many long queues i saw today from egbeda to ojuelegba. This is getting out of hand and we desperately need light that will break away this country from obscurity. As for me, i think that all this has been planned, thats why it is called a saga. I read a book sometime ago which is called Economic Disorder. The author highlighted how he had to get out of a system which he claimed was polluted. The book highlighted a system of government where the economy of the nation is determined by some few individuals in the high class of government. So all these forces of demand and supply that economist talks about is a fallacy. The author said he had to get out of the system because it was almost polluting me. I personally believe thats what is happening in Nigeria today. Some people in the higher ups of government are regulating this countries economy at their benefits. I dont know how but they are. May God help us in this country

Thursday, 30 April 2015


Nigeria my country, ah ah ah, omo i love dis country ooo, infact pass any oda country for dis world. But e dey funny oooo bcos if dem talk say dem go born me for this country, i no go believe am. But wetin man fit do, E don happen, E don happen be dat. But how dis country con turn like dis, i no even know. U no say person fit compare wetin life give am with wetin naija give am. And na so naija don be since i know am, a country wey light no dey, job no dey, nothing dey sef. The only thing wey dey na the people and dat na wa greatest asset.Na wetin dey bring me to my next point. Abeg make una no vex, i always like to dey ask myself dis question and want make una ask unaself. Na who be naija sef? Naija na me and you ooo. Na one big man of God talk say great nations no dey for anywhere, say na the people wey dey dat nation make the nation great and i agree well well with dat talk. Naija for past, na nation wey peace dey before. Naija the nation wey first military coup happen for the country after just 6 years wey we gain independence as a nation wey stand gidigba. Dat one alone don throw dirty for our face and history and till today we neva finish to dey wash am with water. This come means say if the people for we nation bad, the nation sef go bad. Na from dat time corruption one kind one kind find him way to naija. Naija for dis present day just dey better small small. As i don talk before say we neva wash the dirt comot for our face finish. But wetin we know na say anywhere wey light dey, better things dey happen. Wetin u mean by light na ideas, creativity, innovation and wisdom. Like as we dey now, we don dey sabi say person fit get e own company and employ people dan to dey wait dey write nonsense job test wey the people wey dey give u the test no sabi solve. We also don dey strong bcos naija people don dey dey responsible. Naija people don dey wise and their way of thinking change don dey change na why we dey see better things small small. As we don dey talk since, wetin me dey see for naija for future go dey shocking. Me don see a nation, a nation wey dey grow as we dey see for our flag (green, white, green), a nation where plenty plenty wisdom go dey people head, wisdom wey baba God go put dere and na dat wisdom go drive the economy pf dis nation. Me don see a naija wey people wey don travel go oversea go dey rush come back bcos of the better things wey go dey happen for our country. Me don see a naija wey be say wen foreigners wan come our country, to get visa go hard for dem. Dem go dey struggle get am. Me don see a naija wey be say, wen e people go other countries especially America, dem go dey call us expatriate bcos we go get ready solution to the problem wey dey affect their country. Me don see a naija wey be say, e people go love eachother well well. We go be like family, no matter the tribe or ethnic group wey we dey. Me don see a naija wey be say, e people go get big companies wey go dey operate all over the world. Me don see a naija wey be say, e people go be one day The richest man in the world?-Forbes List Me don see a naija wey go be for the forefront dey lead the world economy. This kind thing only fit happen if we get light, wey be wisdom and follow that light, wey be the ways of baba God. Na only that go change naija people to dey do good, dey honest and responsible. Na den naija go better well well If i fit rephrase the caption of this post, i go talk say Naija People- e past, e present,e future. In conclusion, i really thank God say e no allow man choose e own country wen we dey show for earth. If not, naija population for small die. May be na like 20 people go dey naija. Then America population go reach like 3 billion. But the thing be say baba God don sabi the heart of man already and e don plan everything for dis life. E don put us for any country where we dey bcos e know say na like dat we go fulfill destiny. This na my cry to all naija people, abeg make una stay for where God put una and help in development of your country. Make una stop to dey pokenose inside another man country inorder to save unaself from all these xenophobic attacks wey we dey hear about. If the naija people wey die for southafrica dey for naija, dem for dey alive now. I dey very sorry to say dis and my condolences dey go to the families of the people wey the attack affect well well. But seriously, make una come back naija come follow us build dis naija. Get away u, I LOVE MY COUNTRY WELLA.

Friday, 10 April 2015


 That was the situations of things at the beginning, follow me and see what has become of it today

A bridge under construction  located immediately to the west of the Central Business District and has six lanes (three in each direction).

The Waterways constructions are also in view

The first building starts to rise in Eko Atlantic. A 15-floor tower block reserved by Afren PLC which is to be the company’s headquarters in Lagos.WOW!!!!

see more pictures ahead

Monday, 16 March 2015



Barely two weeks to the Nigeria’s general elections, tensions are mounting, campaigns are intensifying day by day, people want change and some others want transformation or should I call it continuity. Nevertheless, all this does not bother me neither am I impressed by any of the campaigns and neither will all this guide my judgement to voting for my most preferred candidates. No doubt I have my convictions and my opinions about who should lead us at this time at various levels which is best known to me for some reasons also best known to me. It should however be noted that my opinions and thoughts or even rather my view on this may definitely not be the best or correct one. After all we are all entitled to our opinions and that’s why am not quick at judging people because you cannot tell exactly why people do what they do in a prevailing circumstances and at a particular time. What people do can change in different circumstances at a different time, so we should not crucify people’s actions based on their personality only but also take a deeper enquiry into such actions.
This draws me to the era we all have been waiting for and which will be one of the most important events in the history of my country Nigeria. I am a Nigerian and a very proud one and if I was to come back again after death to life, I would still love to be a Nigerian. Naïve right? Because many Nigerians will not agree with these and many without even having to come back to life are trying to find a way out even in this present dispensation. For sure most of them face better hardships when they eventually get out. I call it better hardships because it is worse than the one they face in their homeland but they prefer it because they are abroad. Nigerians have always continued to deceive themselves in all areas and that is why we should be realistic even in this period because we are about to see a revolution that will stand the test of time. MARCH 28, we shall exercise our franchise but that is not the end but just the beginning of a new era. Nigeria was named by Miss Flora Shaw and effected by Lord Luggard in 1914  which is such a long time and by now I think we should be ready to soar. Remember what the bible says in Isaiah 60:22 ‘that a little one shall become a thousand and a small one a strong nation, I the Lord will hasten it in his time’. We have been little and definitely also being a small one but I believe it is time for to become that strong nation God wants us to be but God needs people who are committed to building a nation. Israelites had to toil for 400 years to get to the promise land, do Nigerians have to take so long to get to that promise land because one thing is sure which is that there is a promise land but we have to get there. Israelites were adamant, disobedient yet God protected them (a cloud by day, fire by night), also remember none of them were feeble but their arrogance and pride cause them to toil for 400 years till they got there. They have gotten there now since 1948 and see what has become of Israel today. What a great nation? But we are not talking about Israel but Nigeria. Each and every Nigerian has a role to play in this era and those who don’t want to be part of it should excuse themselves but they will one day comeback to see for themselves the glory of my country Nigeria.

 I believe so much in this country and I don’t know if there are others that have such believe. So we should not think that the fate of this country is in the hands of some 24 Presidential candidates or some Gubernatorial candidates or otherwise. The fate of this country is in my hands, your hands and in the hands of everybody who cares. So I want all Nigerians to support the “I AM A NIGERIAN REVOLUTION”. The leaders are not the one taking us there we are the one taking ourselves there. They are there to serve and we are there to follow and if we refuse to follow then there would be no strong nation. Though some leaders are not actually leaders but rulers because leaders pave the way, they serve; they work and see to the affairs of the people. Rulers on the other hand only rule and see to the affairs of themselves and those in their caucus. So even if we have rulers who claim to be leaders then we have to lead ourselves that is why I said the future of Nigeria is not in the hands of any Governor or president or even terrorist groups. The future of Nigeria is in the hands of that new born baby, that small child going to school, that road side mechanic, that business owner, that fish seller, that football player, that fresh graduate, that computer genius, that lovely mother,  that disciplinary father, that man of God, that Imam, that traditional ruler, the list is endless. But we need light to move forward because he who is going forward must see ahead of himself. We also need direction so has to avoid taking the wrong routes towards greatness. Therefore beginning from the day of the 2015 general election, we as Nigerians march towards a Nigeria which in 10, 15, 20, 30 years to come would be: 

One of the most desirable nations to live in
A nation that will proffer solution to problems in the world
A nation whose economy will be the most favourable in the world
A nation whose people will be the richest in the world
A nation that produce great companies not only in its homeland but in foreign lands
A nation where unemployment rate is reduced to almost zero
A nation who will be committed to serving and following the leading of Jehovah God
A nation whose people will uphold integrity as its core value
A nation where love, peace and harmony will be the order of the day
This is what I see concerning my country. It should however be noted that this is not a wish list of some sort, this is my dream for my country Nigeria and unlike every other dream which is only in the night, we have to work out this dream into a reality day and night. Having a dream is not enough, believing is not enough, Praying is not enough and even passion is not enough even though it is the most important but working it out is the greatest. Let us all come together in our various fields, environment, regions, social class, age groups and genders working every nanoseconds to see the fulfillment of this dream. Remember, a dream is useless without working it out. Also remember that you and I constitute the nation Nigeria. Because “there is no great nation anywhere, it is the great people in a nation that makes a nation great”-Dr David Oyedepo and there are no great people without a great GOD.
In conclusion, unlike the Late Martin Luther King Jnr with due respect to him, all that dedicate themselves to the working out of this dream shall live to see this dream fulfilled before their very eyes. I am a Nigerian and the fulfillment of this dream begins with you VOTING.

Friday, 20 February 2015


The above title was the caption or the discussion of the day in the interview done with the National Conscience Party Presidential Candidate Chief Martin Onovo. Chief Martin Onovo has once worked abroad and related the system of government there with that of Nigeria while sorting ways to answer the questions thrown at him. Alongside with him during the interview session was the party’s National Chairman Dr Yunusa Tanko. Chief Martin Onovo was asked how he would tackle the poison of corruption in Nigeria if elected as President. The Chief gave four bullet points as answer to this question. He called it the 4E’s which he delivered thus:

ENLIGHTENEMENT: He stated that Nigerians should be enlightened on the dangers of corruption and the repercussions of it to the development of the nation. He clearly explained that if proper public awareness program is done to tackle embezzlement and misappropriation of funds by those in government, Nigeria would be a better place and that is what his government intends to do when elected into office. The public, in person of Nigerians need to be sensitized as they have a large role to play in helping the nation curb corruption. To me anyway even Nigerians themselves are also involved in corruption at various levels of strata they represent and clearly I don’t see how public awareness program will solve this. Is he telling us that Nigerians are not aware of corruption in the nation and the dangers it poses, yet we still breed it. However, since he is a Presidential candidate, he might have a way of making that possible. I might be short sighted you know.

EXAMPLE: This was where Chief Martin Onovo started interesting me. He said here that the next way to solve the problems of this country is for those in government and leaders at various agencies and institutions should portray themselves as good examples of integrity and that when they do that others will follow suit. Chief Onovo vehemently laid emphasis on this as he saw this to be one of the most important among the 4E’s of tackling corruption. As I said earlier on about this being interesting, I believe laying good examples by our leaders will help the younger generations and even the adults to see those in leaderships as role models and mentors if the need arises. This is what I believe is the real enlightenment program, a public awareness that is done not by voices or words of mouth but spectacularly by actions.

EMPOWERMENT:  This is also crucial as Chief Martin Onovo says that the public and also the government should be empowered in tackling corruptions. The ways of empowerment varies as it could be setting up legal ways of dealing with any corruption case. It includes also setting up various bodies to examine and investigation of any act of corruption just like how we have the EFCC and can also be in conferring authority upon various caucuses in the public to report, examine and investigate cases of suspected acts of corruption. This I see will be very effective after a good example has been laid as said earlier on.

ENFORCEMENT: Finally enforcement which is the last but not the least ways of dealing with corruption. But this stage is for whoever could not learn from the three points above. Chief Martin Onovo says that when the government tries to tackle corruption by first enforcing it i.e. probing and arresting individuals suspected to be corrupt, it would not solve the problem of corruption. I see Chief Onovo saying there that that will be like cutting a tree from the top instead of cutting it from its roots. So Chief Onovo says this should be the last thing his government will do as regards corruption if he was elected as President on March 28 general elections. This is arresting and jailing individuals who are found guilty of any corrupt activity. My problem with all he said was that does he know the meaning of corruption? If he does know then he will also understand that there are various forms of corruption and how does he intend to tackle all those? To me solving the problem of corruption is like building a nation from the scratch especially when corruption has gone into the nooks and crannies of the nation. This is a challenge that came up immediately after when we gained Independence as a sovereign nation back in the 1960’s, a problem which the plotter of the first military coup in Nigeria wanted to solve in person of Late  Major Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu. He failed or let me say his collaborators failed and we are still on the road to a better Nigeria till today when other countries like Singapore who gained independence 3yrs after us as a part of Malaysia and 5yrs after us has a sovereign state on its own have gotten to their destination and still planning another journey forward.

Chief Martin Onovo also spoke about the power sector when answering the question of tackling the problem of corruption in Nigeria. He said that in 1999, Nigeria budgeted US$51 BILLION to pump into the power sector in order to increase the 3000 megawatts produced to a higher figure by 2014. He said, looking down the lain 15yrs after that, the megawatts produced is still at 3000 when by now it should have been 25000 megawatts. He argues that, where did that money go to? And that the problems of Nigeria are basic and do not require any complexity but that corruption is what has crippled this nation.
Chairman, National Conscience Party Dr Yunnusa Tanko

 Sitting beside him was still the National Conscience Party Chairman, Dr Yunusa Tanko who has been silent for a while during the interview session. A question was thrown at him too which is why the other political parties like theirs have not reached out to a larger percentage of the public as regards to their plans for Nigeria if elected? The interviewer posed that it’s only the voice of PDP and APC that has been heard all over the nation and Nigerians are really not aware of other parties. Dr YunnusaTanko rightly set the stage in answering the question. He broke out with the fact that parties like theirs which are just starting and are not really popular have not been supported by the government in any way. He says that parties like theirs cannot do more than their power as regard financial buoyancy and that the finances they get as a political party are donations from members and also well wishers of the party and that is the money they use to do small campaigns and awareness in radio, posters, and handbills. He clearly stated the large amount required by media houses like AIT or Newspapers like THE PUNCH just to do an advertisement of their party and presidential campaign. This is the major problem that has not allowed them to reach larger percentage of the public and he gave a solution by saying government should have a certain financial support for all political parties in Nigeria during campaign  exercise that would  enable them to contest for election with other parties at a common ground.

Thursday, 12 February 2015


Looking at the map of the Federal Republic of Nigeria this early morning, I saw what wonder can be made of the economy of a state with the smallest land size among all the 36 states in Nigeria. Lagos is that state which was the capital of Nigeria until 1990 when it was moved to Abuja. Nevertheless, ‘Lagos na where things dey happen’ as people will say. However there are countless numbers of reasons for the rate of economic development in Lagos state. Top companies in Nigeria today have their headquarters in the heart of Lagos and it is no more news that places where a business environment is cultivated are usually quick to develop. This is the main cause of migration of many individuals to Lagos. In retrospect, this migration has caused more havoc to the economy not to the place people are migrating to but too the places people are migrating from.
See how lagos small
Nigerians have tended to run away from their problems of underdevelopment even to other nations of the world. So we are not only involved in intra migration but also in inter migration. As an adage say ‘You don’t have to be white to be right’. It is great wisdom to avoid running away from your problems but to sit down and think of ways to solve it. Running away from ones problem still leaves such problem unsolved. This is the culture of an average Nigerian because nobody or let me say only very few people are ready to bear the cost of developing a nation. Nations don’t just grow, People thrive to grow them. This is the culture of the Israelis; they don’t just sit back and watch problems not alone run from it, they rather put their heads together to solve such problems. However, great is the price of greatness. If migration continues underdevelopment of the former state or nation will continue.

In line with the aforementioned, there are three major movers of economic development in any nation, state or community.  I call it ‘PEE’ and they all have a positive correlation with the migration of people and in its contradiction as it causes both development and underdevelopment in the latter and former community respectively.

    1. Population/People: Human resources are the greatest asset of a nation. This brings me to the quote of Bishop David Oyedepo which says ‘’There is no great nation anywhere, it is the people in that nation that makes a nation great’’. It is the most populated areas a nation that makes a nation great. A large population helps in the development of that nation especially when the population of such nation is full resourceful people who can think outside the box. And also when the population is also full with people who have a great love and passion for their nation and also for every citizens of that nation. In other words it is where people are that business thrives because humans all benefit from one and another. Business transactions cannot be successful until it is between two or more individuals. This piece also reminds me of Tuface Idibia’s song ‘only me’. He says he will be living anyhow because there will be no one to challenge him. He expressly highlights his dependence on other people like him. This is only because the most important of economic development is people. People have to invest, transact, work, sell, buy, save, spend, and manage just to mention a few. These are all what causes economic growth. Because they all lead to productivity in one way or the other and none of the afore mentioned can be done alone not even saving.

All those people are involved in business transactions in one way or the other
Therefore, migration from underdeveloped areas to developed areas will not only populate the areas people migrate to but will also boost their economy for sure. People who migrate carry all their money from their own areas to developed areas to spend, save, work, invest or buy and thereby moving the economy with what they have but at the same time leaving the nation, area or community where they migrate from underdeveloped. This money should have been invested in their own nation, area or community and would have benefited them more because it’s a nation that is still growing but people are too desperate and callous that they don’t take into consideration what their actions can cost a nation or community. Let me give a quick example imagine somebody like Aliko Dangote decides to take all his businesses from Nigeria to somewhere like South Africa. Do you know how disastrous that will be to the economy of Nigeria? That short example is a good explanation of how devastating the havoc people have done by
their useless migration that is not curtailed even by the government.My advice is that people should not migrate from underdeveloped places but should strive to develop those places thereby causing a change
 in those places. If for some reasons migration cannot be avoided especially if it is for economic reasons, after migration has been done, those individuals who have made enough money from developed economy they have migrated to should bring those money back to their homeland (areas where they migrated from) and help to develop those areas. You don’t talk change, you act change.

Finally, where people are is where money is and if Nigerians can strive to bring start up businesses to the economy, come out with innovations and ideas that would solve problems, they would at the end spring forth economic development. No doubt it will also attract individuals from other places such as investors, banks, community developers and so on.

   2. Education: This they always say is the best legacy and yes it will always be. The establishment of various academic institutions in the country today has given many the opportunities to be educated and seriously education has a direct effect to economic development. Knowledge and skill acquired in institutions today has been also relevant in solving world problems.  I know some of you might be saying that’s a lie, so so so and so did not go to school yet they are the world’s richest men. I have but one answer to this, though bill gate was a drop out but it was because he was in school that he could think of creating a technology that could control the traffic system of a particular area. The place of education in the nation cannot be overemphasized. Not only the education at school alone but also in churches, mosques and other form of educational institution. Education has it contributes to economic development through the provision of social amenities to the communities around them. Especially now that corporate social responsibility is now one of the most important aspect of a company today.

Graduates, Thank God they got admission in the first place
However educational institutions should also educate the society on responsibility especially now that youths tends to be on the street doing nothing or going around busy arguing about a football match just watched. This will help Nigerians to take responsibility for their lives and the society at large. It should also be noted that there are form of migration that is tolerable which are mentioned earlier on and migration as a result of acquiring education is acceptable. However since this post is geared towards developing the underdeveloped nations and since this post is not against migration from developed to underdeveloped, we should strive to establish academic institutions in underdeveloped areas so as to attract students from different part of the world and this will in no time jack up their economy. A good example is the establishment of Elizade University in 2012 by the visioner Chief Michael Adeojo. The University was established at the home town of the septuagenarian, ilara in Osun state. And it is also known from a 
established in ilara-mokin in osun state, Nigeria
source that the university is seen as the only marvel in that area. That is what I mean by developing underdeveloped areas. The presence of that school is enough to gradually build the economy of that town.

   3. Employment opportunities: Here we go again as this also has its tremendous effect to the economy of any nation. Having no doubt about the fact that good and better jobs increases the standard of 
   living of citizens which in turn enables them to afford their needs. Availability of employment opportunities fastens the economic development of a nation. What jobs do is that they eradicate poverty from the lives of employees. It should also be noted however, that employment opportunities are preceded by existing companies and firms in a nation. So in turn, it is companies that provide employment opportunities which directly affect the economy of a nation. With all thoughts and text typed, no doubt the economic development of any nation is encapsulated in these three major areas. If people in underdeveloped country rather than look for white collar jobs but instead endeavour to create jobs by establishing their own companies with well thought out plan, ideas and innovations, underdevelopment would be history in those places in the nearest future. Also another form of tolerable
    migration is for the reason of job openings that is why we can make a positive move on this by starting businesses in the underdeveloped areas that will provide jobs for people which in every way attract potential employees.

In conclusion, and now abideth this three, People, Education and Employment opportunities and the greatest of all is PEOPLE (you and I). Only you and I can develop this country. Lets come together to develop our nation NIGERIA.

From the words of John F. Kennedy, a onetime American President ‘Don’t ask what your country can do for you but for what you can do for your country’.

See ya later………*smiles*

Monday, 12 January 2015



The APC presidential candidate in person of General Muhammed Buhari has been accused of not having a leaving school certificate which is the minimum requirement that qualifies any one to contest for the position of the President of the country. General muhammed Buhari has not responded to this allegations but it will only be a matter of time when the truth will be known. The only surprising thing is that how will a General of the army not have a leaving school certificate, does this depicts the negligence of the operations of the Nigerian Army.
  The accusation was made by the former Minister of Aviation, former minister of Culture & 
Femi Fani Kayode
 Assistant  to former President Olusegun Obasanjo and Director of Publicity and now PDP Presidential Campaign Organisation in person of Femi Fani Kayode. He said that according to INEC, Buhari has not submitted a minimum requirement of a leaving school certificate within the stipulated time required by law. However, a report came from the US War College confirming that General Muhammadu Buhari, the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, graduated from the United States Army War College in 1980.
Buhari's diploma proof
In addition, when reports concerning this was related to INEC, they exclaimed that they are not in the best position to determine whether a candidate is qualified or not. The candidate is in the best position to tell us whether they are eligible or not and that if any party has any grief concerning any candidate, it should be tabled in court and not in the air. Nobody knows how true all this are but with campaign all over the place in the country, people believe PDP is trying to create a distraction for the APC. However, the truth will come out soon.