Monday, 16 March 2015



Barely two weeks to the Nigeria’s general elections, tensions are mounting, campaigns are intensifying day by day, people want change and some others want transformation or should I call it continuity. Nevertheless, all this does not bother me neither am I impressed by any of the campaigns and neither will all this guide my judgement to voting for my most preferred candidates. No doubt I have my convictions and my opinions about who should lead us at this time at various levels which is best known to me for some reasons also best known to me. It should however be noted that my opinions and thoughts or even rather my view on this may definitely not be the best or correct one. After all we are all entitled to our opinions and that’s why am not quick at judging people because you cannot tell exactly why people do what they do in a prevailing circumstances and at a particular time. What people do can change in different circumstances at a different time, so we should not crucify people’s actions based on their personality only but also take a deeper enquiry into such actions.
This draws me to the era we all have been waiting for and which will be one of the most important events in the history of my country Nigeria. I am a Nigerian and a very proud one and if I was to come back again after death to life, I would still love to be a Nigerian. Na├»ve right? Because many Nigerians will not agree with these and many without even having to come back to life are trying to find a way out even in this present dispensation. For sure most of them face better hardships when they eventually get out. I call it better hardships because it is worse than the one they face in their homeland but they prefer it because they are abroad. Nigerians have always continued to deceive themselves in all areas and that is why we should be realistic even in this period because we are about to see a revolution that will stand the test of time. MARCH 28, we shall exercise our franchise but that is not the end but just the beginning of a new era. Nigeria was named by Miss Flora Shaw and effected by Lord Luggard in 1914  which is such a long time and by now I think we should be ready to soar. Remember what the bible says in Isaiah 60:22 ‘that a little one shall become a thousand and a small one a strong nation, I the Lord will hasten it in his time’. We have been little and definitely also being a small one but I believe it is time for to become that strong nation God wants us to be but God needs people who are committed to building a nation. Israelites had to toil for 400 years to get to the promise land, do Nigerians have to take so long to get to that promise land because one thing is sure which is that there is a promise land but we have to get there. Israelites were adamant, disobedient yet God protected them (a cloud by day, fire by night), also remember none of them were feeble but their arrogance and pride cause them to toil for 400 years till they got there. They have gotten there now since 1948 and see what has become of Israel today. What a great nation? But we are not talking about Israel but Nigeria. Each and every Nigerian has a role to play in this era and those who don’t want to be part of it should excuse themselves but they will one day comeback to see for themselves the glory of my country Nigeria.

 I believe so much in this country and I don’t know if there are others that have such believe. So we should not think that the fate of this country is in the hands of some 24 Presidential candidates or some Gubernatorial candidates or otherwise. The fate of this country is in my hands, your hands and in the hands of everybody who cares. So I want all Nigerians to support the “I AM A NIGERIAN REVOLUTION”. The leaders are not the one taking us there we are the one taking ourselves there. They are there to serve and we are there to follow and if we refuse to follow then there would be no strong nation. Though some leaders are not actually leaders but rulers because leaders pave the way, they serve; they work and see to the affairs of the people. Rulers on the other hand only rule and see to the affairs of themselves and those in their caucus. So even if we have rulers who claim to be leaders then we have to lead ourselves that is why I said the future of Nigeria is not in the hands of any Governor or president or even terrorist groups. The future of Nigeria is in the hands of that new born baby, that small child going to school, that road side mechanic, that business owner, that fish seller, that football player, that fresh graduate, that computer genius, that lovely mother,  that disciplinary father, that man of God, that Imam, that traditional ruler, the list is endless. But we need light to move forward because he who is going forward must see ahead of himself. We also need direction so has to avoid taking the wrong routes towards greatness. Therefore beginning from the day of the 2015 general election, we as Nigerians march towards a Nigeria which in 10, 15, 20, 30 years to come would be: 

One of the most desirable nations to live in
A nation that will proffer solution to problems in the world
A nation whose economy will be the most favourable in the world
A nation whose people will be the richest in the world
A nation that produce great companies not only in its homeland but in foreign lands
A nation where unemployment rate is reduced to almost zero
A nation who will be committed to serving and following the leading of Jehovah God
A nation whose people will uphold integrity as its core value
A nation where love, peace and harmony will be the order of the day
This is what I see concerning my country. It should however be noted that this is not a wish list of some sort, this is my dream for my country Nigeria and unlike every other dream which is only in the night, we have to work out this dream into a reality day and night. Having a dream is not enough, believing is not enough, Praying is not enough and even passion is not enough even though it is the most important but working it out is the greatest. Let us all come together in our various fields, environment, regions, social class, age groups and genders working every nanoseconds to see the fulfillment of this dream. Remember, a dream is useless without working it out. Also remember that you and I constitute the nation Nigeria. Because “there is no great nation anywhere, it is the great people in a nation that makes a nation great”-Dr David Oyedepo and there are no great people without a great GOD.
In conclusion, unlike the Late Martin Luther King Jnr with due respect to him, all that dedicate themselves to the working out of this dream shall live to see this dream fulfilled before their very eyes. I am a Nigerian and the fulfillment of this dream begins with you VOTING.


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