Saturday, 10 January 2015


Considering the above subject one's mind Weill not go too far as to connote this is targeted towards the current Presidential campaigns in the country today. The face off between two rival parties PDP and APC. The former promises transformation while the latter is promising change. What is your stance on this.
These two parties in fact have simar agenda as it were based on their choice of slogans. APC declare themselves as change agents  while PDP says they are here for transformation . Nigerians please do not be deceive by these two parties and their campaigns. Vote for what you believe is right because analyzing these two parties critically the following can be deduced. The first is that the campaign team of these two parties are not thinking at all. Nigerians are no longer "mumus" because when I checked the dictionary meaning of TRANSFORMATION and CHANGE, i was shocked as I saw that the former means qualitative change. Imagine, so the two parties are saying the same thing just that Goodlucks Transformation agenda is the worst of all. GEJ has been in the top echelons of the government for 16 yrs and he still wants  additional 4yrs for which nonsense kind of transformation. In fact there is God ooo. Nigerians forget whatever campaign they make here and there because left to them, they are set to whitewash you with words and all. APC looks innocent but let's not be brainwashed by any Pastor as a running mate (no of fence to the RCCG cleric), just follow your heart and cast your vote.

All am saying is that you don't have to choose any candidate for choosing sake. You don't have to prefer anyone of them, just be free minded because the future of Nigerian is in our hands , don't put it in the hands of some people who are only keen on brain washing you with words. FOLLOW YOUR HEART.

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