Monday, 5 January 2015


Happy new year is what I will say to every readers of this blog especially to my fellow Nigerians who still believe in their country and are still hoping something good is coming out from the wells of this lovely nation. To make this a reality there, there have arose some privilege individuals who have been ordained and called to be the builder of the waste lands and restorers of the desolate places. This people will help to bring Nigeria out of its shambles. The 2015 general election is already few days away and hopes are high. Nigerians are ready to place the future of their beloved country in the hands of some individuals, however, our democracy is a government of the people , by the people and for the people. Inotherwords, this country is in our hands especially in the hands of we the youth, we need to rise up and take responsibility for our lives and for our beloved country. Nigerians complain of no jobs but we need capable and responsible hands to handle this few jobs available. Why am I saying this? No other reason except that the restorers of the desolate lands by Gods grace shall provide jobs all around the nation from now on and will need enough capable hands to handle it. Nigerians please endeavor to be responsible and we can learn the act of responsibility from a nation like Israel where at 17 years of age, citizens of that nation are drafted into a compulsory military service and by 21 they are responsible for their own lives of all the soldiers in their platoon. Tell me how can anyone be responsible for the lives of others if they cannot handle just their own.
      The builders of the waste lands are ready and will build as God leads. Just like Singapore's emergence from a third world country to a first world country in 35 years by a commanding prime minister in person Harry Lee kuan yew, we also are ready to follow the old paths. In conclusion, "There is no great nation anywhere, it is the great people in a nation that makes a nation great"- Bishop David Oyedepo. However  " There are no great people without a great God"- Adelakun Taiwo. In other words, God makes people great and they in turn make a great nation. The restoration has started already and if you are privilege to be  part of the restorers, brace up and take cover of the environment around you. Remember this year 2015 is our Heaven on Earth year has a nation, startup companies that will provide solutions around the world will emerge from Nigeria this year. Watch out as we start to build............. My Heaven on Earth realm says Nigeria.
Heaven on Earth realm is real

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