Thursday, 30 April 2015


Nigeria my country, ah ah ah, omo i love dis country ooo, infact pass any oda country for dis world. But e dey funny oooo bcos if dem talk say dem go born me for this country, i no go believe am. But wetin man fit do, E don happen, E don happen be dat. But how dis country con turn like dis, i no even know. U no say person fit compare wetin life give am with wetin naija give am. And na so naija don be since i know am, a country wey light no dey, job no dey, nothing dey sef. The only thing wey dey na the people and dat na wa greatest asset.Na wetin dey bring me to my next point. Abeg make una no vex, i always like to dey ask myself dis question and want make una ask unaself. Na who be naija sef? Naija na me and you ooo. Na one big man of God talk say great nations no dey for anywhere, say na the people wey dey dat nation make the nation great and i agree well well with dat talk. Naija for past, na nation wey peace dey before. Naija the nation wey first military coup happen for the country after just 6 years wey we gain independence as a nation wey stand gidigba. Dat one alone don throw dirty for our face and history and till today we neva finish to dey wash am with water. This come means say if the people for we nation bad, the nation sef go bad. Na from dat time corruption one kind one kind find him way to naija. Naija for dis present day just dey better small small. As i don talk before say we neva wash the dirt comot for our face finish. But wetin we know na say anywhere wey light dey, better things dey happen. Wetin u mean by light na ideas, creativity, innovation and wisdom. Like as we dey now, we don dey sabi say person fit get e own company and employ people dan to dey wait dey write nonsense job test wey the people wey dey give u the test no sabi solve. We also don dey strong bcos naija people don dey dey responsible. Naija people don dey wise and their way of thinking change don dey change na why we dey see better things small small. As we don dey talk since, wetin me dey see for naija for future go dey shocking. Me don see a nation, a nation wey dey grow as we dey see for our flag (green, white, green), a nation where plenty plenty wisdom go dey people head, wisdom wey baba God go put dere and na dat wisdom go drive the economy pf dis nation. Me don see a naija wey people wey don travel go oversea go dey rush come back bcos of the better things wey go dey happen for our country. Me don see a naija wey be say wen foreigners wan come our country, to get visa go hard for dem. Dem go dey struggle get am. Me don see a naija wey be say, wen e people go other countries especially America, dem go dey call us expatriate bcos we go get ready solution to the problem wey dey affect their country. Me don see a naija wey be say, e people go love eachother well well. We go be like family, no matter the tribe or ethnic group wey we dey. Me don see a naija wey be say, e people go get big companies wey go dey operate all over the world. Me don see a naija wey be say, e people go be one day The richest man in the world?-Forbes List Me don see a naija wey go be for the forefront dey lead the world economy. This kind thing only fit happen if we get light, wey be wisdom and follow that light, wey be the ways of baba God. Na only that go change naija people to dey do good, dey honest and responsible. Na den naija go better well well If i fit rephrase the caption of this post, i go talk say Naija People- e past, e present,e future. In conclusion, i really thank God say e no allow man choose e own country wen we dey show for earth. If not, naija population for small die. May be na like 20 people go dey naija. Then America population go reach like 3 billion. But the thing be say baba God don sabi the heart of man already and e don plan everything for dis life. E don put us for any country where we dey bcos e know say na like dat we go fulfill destiny. This na my cry to all naija people, abeg make una stay for where God put una and help in development of your country. Make una stop to dey pokenose inside another man country inorder to save unaself from all these xenophobic attacks wey we dey hear about. If the naija people wey die for southafrica dey for naija, dem for dey alive now. I dey very sorry to say dis and my condolences dey go to the families of the people wey the attack affect well well. But seriously, make una come back naija come follow us build dis naija. Get away u, I LOVE MY COUNTRY WELLA.

Friday, 10 April 2015


 That was the situations of things at the beginning, follow me and see what has become of it today

A bridge under construction  located immediately to the west of the Central Business District and has six lanes (three in each direction).

The Waterways constructions are also in view

The first building starts to rise in Eko Atlantic. A 15-floor tower block reserved by Afren PLC which is to be the company’s headquarters in Lagos.WOW!!!!

see more pictures ahead