Friday, 29 May 2015


The FIFA Women's World Cup begins on the 6th of June, 2015 and ends on the 5th of July, 2015. The host country this time is Canada and Nigeria has already gone to play them in a Friendly match before the competition begins. Nigeria and Cameroon qualified for the competition as the top two finishers at the CAF African Women Championship and Côte d'Ivoire which gave them the opportunity of being the only African nations to enter the competition this year.


The present holder of the  Fifa women's world cup is Japan and they are also in the competition this time. Here are some facts of the Fifa women's world cup:
> In 2011, hosts Germany had the highest ever number of stadiums to host the FIFA Women's World Cup with nine  venues hosting the 16 teams.
> Eleven own goals have been scored at the FIFA Women's World Cup during the first six editions of the tournament.
> At the FIFA Women's World Cup USA 1999, refereeing history was made as for the first time the pool of referees was entirely made up of women.
> The 500th goal at the FIFA Women's World Cup was scored by Ragnhild Gulbrandsen during Norway's 7-3 victory against Ghana in a match on 20 September, 2007 in Hangzhou, China PR.
> Over 3.5million spspectators have attended FIFA Women's World Cup matches at an average of almost 25,000 fans per game. Read ahead...


The handing over process of GEJ administration to the incoming government concludes today but the process had started some weeks ago as Buhari and his team have been working on main issues to tackle as soon as they get to power. This is a great era in the history of this nation and I know this event will leave an inscription in the sands of time saying 'We did it'. See pictures below that will feed your eyes

As jonathan is handing over, his thoughts will be like 'Idiot collect this thing from me jare and let me return to bayelsa' and Buhari's thoughts will respond ' At last, since 2003, gimme that shit , kai mana'.
Watchout for the inauguration ceremony pictures later today and also pray PHCN  gives light for us to watch it. See ya

Wednesday, 27 May 2015


The smiles of children is enough to make one want to cry.  Children are the beauty of the universe.  They hold the key to a world of ease.  They don't take life difficult  like we adult. They are harmless and sometimes naughty. I celebrate all the children in the world.  Green house says this to them.....

 Let the smiles do the talking and sorry it is coming late.

Sunday, 24 May 2015


As President Goodluck Jonathan enjoys his last seven days in office, things even get worse in the country he governs. The fuel scarcity issue displays more problem for us as a country as the fuel price reaches 250-1000 naira per litre. This is not what Jonathan administration should be leaving as a farewell message for Nigerians. This became really pathetic when yellow danfo buses from Lagos made their way to Ogun State, owode yewa to be precise to purchase petrol and transport them back to Lagos to sell in black market. This should not be the happenings in the last days of a good man like President Goodluck Jonathan. Nigerians will not sing 'for he is a jolly good fellow' for him when he leaves office ooo. To be honest, coming back from owode yewa down to iyana paja today, the road was very free. Infact, in 30 minutes, we had gotten to iyanapaja from Canaanland, ota but one thing i kept seeing along the road was black market mafias in their lovely or should i say demeaning yellow, white or black 5, 10 or 25 litre kegs. Some of them even held pepsi pet bottles which are used to pour the fuel into the fuel tanks of patronizers. Na wa ooo. I was seeing kegs everywhere, infact every keg i saw were kegs for fuel. Let me say that the number of kegs in Nigeria right now has exceeded our population as a country. Just seven days to the end of the outgoing tenure and situations have gone worse like this. The worst thing about the situation is that i even saw okada riders pack like three 30 litre kegs on their bikes travelling very long distances from Ogun State to Lagos. What a risk and i dont blame them anyway. Nigerians have to survive even when the government are not performing. What surprises me also is the fact that some of those black market mafias mix their fuel with water and sell them. Funny enough some Nigerians will be fooled. May God help us. My take on this is that the new government find something to do about this situation because nigerians needs to survive and will do anything to get going. Please let the government help Nigerians to go about their hussling in better conditions because no matter what, we must hussle. I mean, carrying fuel on bike from Ogun State to Lagos is terrible. Jonathan thank you for your administration and thank you for handing over on the 29th. Friday abeg come sharp sharp. Nigerians dey wait

Thursday, 21 May 2015


I was just watching the news this evening on TVC and there was the Vice President Elect, Prof Osinbajo and all APC members discussing about the state of the Nigeria economy. Well i was so interested on what they were saying especially for my interest in nation building. There was the UK minister representing Prime minister Tony Blair. The UK minister made reference to so many issues until when he gave an advice to the incoming administration. He said that the incoming administration should tackle corruption firstly in the oil sector. It was a welcome idea but we need good hands to deliver this policies. About one week to the inauguration of the new administration, they have also complained about the huge public debt the nation is owing. Well all my thoughts when they were saying all these was 'when you people were asking us to vote for you, didnt you know that you are going to be facing an herculean task'. But to be candid they have enormous work to do which they have started doing since when they won the election. Well the most important part of this post is the enlightment i would like to share with readers. A journalist in person of Otitoju or so, i cannot really remember his name now, was asked to comment on those issue raised by the Vice President elect, what he said was that, the incoming administration have a great task ahead and they should stop complaining to Nigerians about this issue. He said that, afterall, nigerians knew about this issue before hand and that was why they voted for APC. Then he threw a point that hit me and this is interesting believe me. Nigeria crumbling economy needs enough resources to build it up. When i mean resources i mean needs huge finance to help in restoring and enhancing the economy. Currently, the federal government since november 2014 have borrowed about 416 billion naira to pay salaries of civil servant. If we are still borrowing, then where is the finance to build the economy. Also, recurrent expenditure of Nigeria covers 64% of the budget. Then where are we going if situations have turned out to be like this. The veteran journalist said the APC government should follow the footsteps of the malaysia's economy when they compelled all past leaders of the nation to give back all the money they have stolen or they would be forced to go to jail. He said his government should start way back from Babangida's regime and then to Abdulsalam's government, Obasanjo's regime till GEJ's administration. He also made it clearer that Abdusalam's administration stole a lot of money and he only spent 10 months in office. Well that was his opinion but believe me, imagine all past leaders of this nation are probed and if found guilty of embezzlement, they should be asked to pay back the money or go to jail. That would be great oo and when i mean past leaders, we are not talking only about the President oo, i mean all the cabinets of the Federal, State and Local government. Mr otitoju said that he cannot quantify how much will roll in if that was done. Infact that will provide enough and even excess money for the incoming government to spend on the structural development of the economy. Well i dont know if that kind of policy will work in Nigeria, but believe me if that happens, the government will be able to pay all its debt without even knowing they spent any money. Ha, but many people have stolen huge amounts from public funds, only God will save us.

Saturday, 2 May 2015


This is what caught all nigerians at the tooth ever since monday this week. The problem of fuel scarcity is surprising to still be a problem today. My question is assuming the present government won the election, is this how we will still be fighting for fuel. We have the problem of power and nigerians alternative solution is fuel for their generators, not to talk of people who depend solely on fuel to keep their business running and also those who depend on fuel to drive themselves to their various place of employment. I myself was deeply affected by the scarcity as i had to be in holdup's at various time this morning to get to my destination. As you know nigerians, they are good at taking advantage of emerging or consistent issues or circumstances to their own benefits. The black market tycoons got to work immediately with various white and black 10 litre kegs inorder to sell to people who are not ready to stay in long queues at 200 and 300 per litre. Its so crazy. Trust danfo drivers now they immediately hiked their bus fare and passengers had to suffer from it. This problems are not new and will never be. What the media said about the issue is that the government was owing oil marketers 156 billion naira and they promised to pay but till now the problem is still staring at our face. If you know how many long queues i saw today from egbeda to ojuelegba. This is getting out of hand and we desperately need light that will break away this country from obscurity. As for me, i think that all this has been planned, thats why it is called a saga. I read a book sometime ago which is called Economic Disorder. The author highlighted how he had to get out of a system which he claimed was polluted. The book highlighted a system of government where the economy of the nation is determined by some few individuals in the high class of government. So all these forces of demand and supply that economist talks about is a fallacy. The author said he had to get out of the system because it was almost polluting me. I personally believe thats what is happening in Nigeria today. Some people in the higher ups of government are regulating this countries economy at their benefits. I dont know how but they are. May God help us in this country